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IP PBX Features

  • IP PBX FeaturesACD with multiple queues and skills based routing
  • Auto-attendant
  • Billing/Call accounting to control expenses
  • Blacklist - fone does not even ring
  • Buddy lists
  • Call hold
  • Call recording - record the conversation either always or on demand
  • Call screening
  • Call transfer - attended, un-attended, and off-premise;
  • Call waiting;
  • Calling Card/DISA System (corporate users can call in and get ip-pbx dialtone to call out again, eg. from cell fone)
  • Click2dial - click a number on a web page, your fone rings, you answer, you hear the far side ringing, you connect, you talk
  • Click2dial-sugar - use sugarcrm for click2dial numbers that everyone in the office uses
  • Conference calling (unlimited callers per conference bridge and unlimited number of bridges)
  • Custom music on hold
  • Desktop dashboard
  • Door intercom with video - any extension can open the door remotely
  • Extension by extension permissions
  • Fax from web page, from anywhere
  • Fax2email - each person has private fax number (plus corporate box)
  • Faxblast - send one fax to a list
  • Find me follow me - system can call simultaneously cell fone, home fone, extension etc; you can enable or disable the feature remotely
  • Intercom - (voice announce, voice blast) to user defined groups of extensions
  • IVR easy menu generation;
  • LDAP directories pushed to fones
  • Mobile fone extensions
  • ONE company-wide extension plan regardless of number of offices or geography, and free calling between
  • Pickup groups
  • Receptionist panel - receptionist can see who is talking to who realtime
  • Ring groups;
  • Screen pop on basis of calling number, or called number
  • Softfones (some people prefer that for laptops)
  • Speed dial numbers saved centrally;
  • Spy, steal, and coach - the supervisor can spy on employee calls, coach i.e. whisper instructions in their ear that other person cannot hear, steal i.e. take over the call,
  • Time of day programming for IVR's
  • Time of day toggle
  • Voicemail (and voicemail retrieval via email or web);
  • Voicemail blast - send 1 voicemail to a list and see who pressed 1 to confirm receipt
  • Web based management and web based self-care;
  • Zoned overhead paging (with customer speakers); ACD with multiple queues and skills based routing
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