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Point of Sale Equipment and Software

GLOBALFONE TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANTS Point of Sale equipment and software provides businesses with complete and integrated solutions that streamline front and back office operations, while minimizing cost and maximizing efficiency.

We carry only top-grade, brand name POS Equipment.  We offer over 5 different POS Systems - all fully customizable and offered with our industry best online pricing. We even offer an array of services such as Menu Programming, Inventory Import, etc. to make the implementation of your new POS System as smooth as possible.
Point of Sale
GLOBALFONE TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANTS is the most comprehensive, flexible and user friendly Point of Sale system available on the market today. With extensive POS software solution options GLOBALFONE TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANTS Point of Sale equipment and software suits a broad range of businesses including Bars, Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels, Resorts, Sports Stadiums, Fast Food Restaurants, Spas, Beauty Salons and franchises of all sizes. These can all be managed from one tailored solution.

GLOBALFONE TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANTS Point of Sale equipment has the most reliable and robust touch screen solution available, combined with GLOBALFONE TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANTS's comprehensive support packages and superior technology this ensures that your business is operational at all times.

A POS terminal manages the selling process by a salesperson accessible interface. The same system allows the creation and printing of the receipt with a company logo at the top.

Retail Industry

A Retail Point of Sales system typically includes a computer, monitor, cash drawer, receipt printer, customer display and a barcode scanner. It can also include a weight scale, integrated credit card processing system, a signature capture device and a customer pin pad device. It can integrate with a telephone system caller ID to pop up the client information when the client calls the business.

Hospitality Industry

Hospitality point of sales systems are computerized systems incorporating registers, computers and peripheral equipment, usually on a computer network. Like other point of sale systems, these systems keep track of sales, labor and payroll, and can generate records used in accounting and book keeping. They may be accessed remotely by restaurant corporate offices, troubleshooters and other authorized parties.

Restaurant Businesses

Restaurant POS refers to point of sale (POS) software that runs on computers, usually touch screen terminals or wireless handheld devices. Restaurant POS systems assist businesses to track transactions in real time.

Typical restaurant POS software is able to print guest checks, print orders to kitchens and bars for preparation, process credit cards and other payment cards, run reports, keep track of sales, labor and payroll, and can generate records used in accounting and bookkeeping. In addition, some systems implement wireless pagers and electronic signature capture devices.

Hotel Businesses

POS software allows for transfer of meal charges from dining room to guest room with a button or two. It may also need to be integrated with property management software.
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