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VoIP Services

A VoIP solution provides significant cost savings over a conventional phone system, with lower monthly fees and cheaper long distance and international rates. VoIP users are also privy to calling features impossible to have with regular phone service. GLOBALFONE TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANTS VoIP service is readily available to anyone with a high speed Internet connection.
GTC VoIP Services

Our VoIP services include:
  • Corporate Business Solutions
  • Contact Center Solutions
  • SOHO or SMB
The Globalfone Technology Consultants VoIP Features List is intended to provide our customers and partners with a comprehensive list of ALL Standard features available from Globalfone Technology Consultants.

Origination and Termination

Feature Description
FREE Calls to other telephones in your Company All calls "on-net" are FREE. That means you will not be billed for any call to another user in your Company.
Domestic Origination Globalfone Technology Consultants provides local phone numbers or DIDs in most of the LATAs in the United States. That means that we can port your local phone number to our system, and provide your company with the highest quality voice communications and flexibility of Voice Over IP (VoIP).
Domestic Termination Globalfone Technology Consultants provides competitive outbound call packages ranging from pay-as-you-go, pre-paid minutes, and unlimited usage plans. Our per-minute rate is competitive, and our quality and reliability is uncompromising.
International Termination Globalfone Technology Consultants offers competitive international rates. International rates are available via the Globalfone Technology Consultants website.
SIP Trunking Have your own IP-PBX, and want to realize the flexibility and cost savings of business-quality VoIP? Globalfone Technology Consultants offers ATA and SIP Gateway devices, or you can connect your SIP enabled IP-PBX to our network and realize the benefits of Globalfone Technology Consultants VoIP.
E911 support, compliant with all FCC mandates. Every location and phone number where you utilize a Globalfone Technology Consultants device or Soft Phone must have an associated E911 charge and entry in the Globalfone Technology Consultants Web Portal. The phone number associated with your location is then registered with the national E911 database. You are also responsible to update this information with Globalfone Technology Consultants if you move any device to a new location per the Globalfone Technology Consultants Terms of Service.
Toll Free Numbers Utilize one or multiple Toll Free numbers which may be routed to a specific local DID, auto attendant, group or queue.

Key Benefits of Using GTC VoIP Services

Benefit Description
No Expensive Hardware Don't overpay for expensive equipment that your business will one day outgrow - equipment that is costly to maintain and will soon be obsolete.
Easy to Administer You control the features through an extremely user-friendly web portal.
Extremely Portable When you travel, even overseas, you take your telephone and telephone numbers with you anywhere in the world.
Expands as you Grow Opening another office? A VoIP service will have your new office up and running quickly and efficiently. Just plug in the telephones.
Corporate Phone Features Improve your personal productivity with enhanced features not available with traditional telephone systems:
  1. Call accounting
  2. Call Detail Records, web based
  3. Call find me, follow me
  4. Call forwarding
  5. Call recording on demand
  6. Call routing based on business hours, after hours & holiday hours
  7. Call volume graphs by time of day, month, year or custom dates
  8. Cell phones can be extensions of the IP-PBX
  9. Click 2 Dial
  10. Conference bridge calling.  Multi party (up to 25 per call) – Great for weekly sales meetings
  11. Custom Database integration
  12. Database Screen Pops on incoming calls
  13. Interactive Voice Response - great for providing basic information (i.e., hours of operation, directions to the office by train or car) without taking human time.  Can also be used for data retrieval if your business requires it (i.e., "your order shipped on such and such a date")
  14. Messaging or custom Music on hold
  15. Multiple auto attendants, as required
  16. Remote, off-site extensions
  17. Visual Voicemail boxes
  18. Unlimited domestic calling
  19. Unified messaging (i.e., Voice Mail messages sent as email attachments and SMA messaging)
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